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Tiffin Bat Removal

Bat Removal And Bat Exclusion create complex challenges for nuisance bat removal experts. But our Tiffin Bat Removal team has years of experience provided by Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, who can conquer any task, big or small.

“I promise my company will exceed all health recommendations during the pandemic. Plus, we can perform most tasks outside of your living environment. I take pride in all the services that I provide, and customer satisfaction is #1.”
The Best To You And Yours,

Chris Witmer, Owner Of Northwest Ohio Branch Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions

The 6 signs that bats are in your Tiffin home

  • You might notice piles of feces (bat guano) in a corner of your attic
  • Otherwise, you might find guano built up near or on top of the insulation
  • There are urine stains on insulation, walls, or the floor
  • If there is a strong smell of ammonia from excrement buildup
  • There are squeaking noises or scratching sounds coming from your attic or walls
  • Seeing creatures flying near the ceiling or in dark areas of your home

How much does bat exclusion cost in Tiffin?

The cost of bat exclusion in Tiffin is entirely dependent on the size of the affected area and the services necessary to restore it. We pledge to always be up-front and honest about our pricing as well as the services we will perform on your home or attic.

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When You Want The Best In Bat Removal And Exclusion

Tiffin Bat Removal And Exclusion

Whether you have a single bat or a colony of bats in your home or business, Tiffin Bat Removal performs every bat exclusion job with the same level of exceptional service. When removing bats from your buildings, humane bat removal and safe procedures are foremost on our minds. Tiffin Bat Removal wants our customers to know what will occur at each step of the bat removal process, so there are no surprises. You’ll be amazed to watch the bats in your buildings safely exit through our One-Way Bat Valves that let bats out but prevent them from getting back in.

Our Tiffin Bat Removal staff have broad experience and the licensing and extensive formal training for bat removal and all bat-related activities required by the state of Ohio. Our employees perform bat removal and exclusion, damage repairs, attic cleanup and sanitation, bat proofing, and so much more.

When you hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest’s Tiffin Bat Removal team, they not only meet but will exceed your expectations with customer satisfaction and safety #1. We have multiple decades of combined real-world experience, while our training focuses on safely and humanely handling any nuisance bat situation. Our motto says it all: Safety Of You And Your Loved Ones Comes First.

The Bat Valve at  Tiffin Bat Removal
the bat valve TBV-FR4 at  Tiffin Bat Removal
The bat valve TBV-SG3 at  Tiffin Bat Removal
The Best In All Things Attics

Tiffin Attic Cleanup, Sanitation, and Insulation Replacement

Bat Removal Tiffin Ohio specializes in attic cleanup, sanitation, and restoration services for northwest Ohio home businesses and homeowners. Our access to industry-leading equipment, along with our education and experience, gives us the ability to completely turn the shape of your damaged attic around with minimal downtime.

Below, we’ll describe what goes into the average attic restoration job. First, we clean any debris, oils, and waste so that we have a chance to sanitize each inch of the affected room. Then, we address any damaged insulation, floorboards, vents, wires, or other damaged materials. Once this is complete, we can explore options to protect your home against future bat invasions.

Our staff is unquestionably the most accomplished attic restoration team in the Tiffin area. We’ve performed attic cleanup and sanitation, insulation replacement, damage repair, and full restoration projects for hundreds of satisfied customers. No matter the size or difficulty, rest assured that we have the equipment, the talent, and the time to handle your attic cleanup job!

bat guano in attic
bat guano cleanup
attic cleaned and ready to be sanitized
Attic sanitizing at Tiffin Bat Removal
 Tiffin Bat Removal insulation replacement
New insulation at  Tiffin Bat Removal
We Keep Bats Out With High-End Sealing

Tiffin Bat Removal Knows How To 100% Bat Proof Buildings The First Time Everytime

Our Tiffin Bat Removal team faces a complex challenge when they have to keep bats out of a home or commercial buildings. Bats can work their way through tiny openings that are difficult to spot unless you have the type of training we demand of our Tiffin Bat Removal employees.

So before the big bat problems occur, our advice is to bat-proof every building on your property. So, let’s get started, and we’ll provide you information about how we give your buildings the best protection against a bat or colony of bats.

Assuming your home or buildings don’t have any bat infestations and you are bat-free, our Tiffin Bat Removal expert will thoroughly search the inside and the outside of your home in search of possible bat entry points. We tend to uncover some of the more common problem areas, including vents, ducts, chimneys, soffits, fascia, and where roofs meet walls. We will show you all areas of concern and explain which techniques best address each problem situation.

Some of the solutions that we use to address your problem areas will include caulking, flashing, capping, screening, and custom metalwork. We use the top-grade caulks, caps, screens, and metals on the market so that your buildings have long-lasting protection. Call Buckeye Northwest’s Tiffin Bat Removal office today at (419) 552-2001 and make your buildings bat safe before an infestation costing you thousands of dollars occurs.

Repairing Screening For Bat Proofing
Bat proofing chimneys
bat proofing fascia with metal

This Video We Shot Enabled Us To Locate A Hidden Bat Entry Area

A Video That Will Help You Decide To Protect Your Home From Bats Now

The Little Brown Bat and the Big Brown bat are the two most common Ohio bats, and they can fit through gaps no bigger than the width of a dime. Because of this, bats are one of the most frequent pests to take up residence in Toledo, Ohio homes, attics, and buildings. But you need not worry since our Tiffin Bat Removal service handles every possible bat removal situation imaginable using the lastest technologies available.

We Do Not Exterminate Bats – Humane Bat Removal At Every Step

All Ohio Bats Are Protected By Law

All bat species are protected by the state of Ohio and federal law. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest Tiffin Bat Removal professionals cannot kill, maim, or harm bats unless a bite or potential exposure to a bite has happened. There are other restrictions our team faces as well. For example, there are certain times of the year that colonies of 15 or more bats cannot be excluded from buildings as they may be maternal colonies. Maternal colonies are colonies of bats that include a number of females that give birth to and raise young bats together.

Because baby bats cannot fly and are susceptible to danger. Removing baby bats from a maternal colony is illegal and inhumane since throwing them outside will cause their death. Infant bats test their wings after several weeks, but they need much more time to become strong fliers.

Tiffin Bat Removal Ohio ALWAYS follows humane bat treatment standards, as any reputable bat removal company should.

Tiffin Bat Removal News Headlines

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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest Gives Tiffin Two Thumbs Up Even After An Alligator Report

Residing on the east and west banks of the Sandusky River, Tiffin has provided Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest’s Tiffin Bat Removal team with numerous bat exclusion jobs as well as wildlife trapping jobs over the years. While working on Tiffin homes and businesses, our team of professionals has come to know the Tiffin area quite well.

We recently heard of two separate eyewitness reports given to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources of a five to six-foot alligator swimming near kayakers on the Sandusky River between the bridge on U.S. 224 and the Ella Street Bridge. An ODNR officer assigned to the issue has not confirmed the validity of the sightings as of yet. Fortunately, no one has called Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest to report an alligator in their yard though we would be more than willing to do a bit of alligator wrestling if we had to.

And if you’re not out kayaking on the Sandusky River looking for alligators, there’s always something to do in Tiffin. If you are a theatergoer, there’s the Tiffin Theater, where one exceptional performance after another is going on.

Do you love nature? Chris Whitmer, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest’s owner, spends large amounts of time in the outdoors. Chris recommends you take in the scenery at the Collier (Howard) State Nature Preserve located on the Sandusky River. The trails are lined with large oaks, sycamore, ash, tulip, cottonwoods, and large beech trees and are a great place to spend a few hours with the family.

Renovated in 1998 to its almost original condition The Ritz Theatre will give you a glimpse of the past when theaters were a masterpiece.

GOLD STAR Client Testimonials About Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest And Their Tiffin Bat Removal Team

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