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Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Is THE Dependable Knowledgeable Toldeo Bat Removal Pros

About Toledo Bat Removal – Ohio’s #1 Toledo Bat Removal Team

Providing Safe And Dependable Bat Removal And Exclusion, Attic Cleanup, And Attic Sanitation Services For Toledo Ohio Homes And Businesses, And The Surrounding Communities

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It’s Time To Learn About Toledo Bat Removal – A Division Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW

The more you learn about Toldeo Bat Removal, the more you’ll like us. At Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW, our Toledo Bat Removal division stays current with the science bat removal and exclusion. We use the current bat exclusion and attic sanitation equipment and high-end supplies to ensure we provide you with safe, reliable, and top-notch service.

Once you learn about Toledo Bat Removal, you’ll recognize how fortunate we are to have gifted and driven personnel who share our dedication to our customers, our environment, and the cities and towns we serve.

Our Motto Is “To Care For The People We Serve.”

The Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Team has been a good neighbor for many years, and that’s why our customers love telling others about Toledo Bat Removal. We are your friends and neighbors, and we strive to give back to the communities we serve.

We make it a point to inform the homes and businesses we serve about Toledo Bat Removal’s high environmental stewardship guidelines. In bat cleanup, we must get rid of contaminated materials, and we also use solutions and fogging to sanitize structures infested by bats and other wildlife. In so doing, we make sure the disposal and sanitizing process causes no adverse environmental effects inside and outside your home.

Your home and communities health and well-being are foremost at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest. You can feel secure about Toledo Bat Removal’s team of professionals, so please, give us a call at (419) 552-2001.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest Fleet

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest currently supports three service vehicles. But, we are ready to expand our fleet as people learn more about Toledo Bat Removal and our exceptional array of services. As we continue to grow, we will always provide the same level of quality service with professionally experienced, capable members of our team. Plus, when demand exceeds our capabilities, we have the Buckeye Wildlife Solutions team outside our territory to give us the needed support, so we’re always here for you no matter how many calls we get.

Chris, the president of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, is an on the ground worker. Learn more about Chris at our about toledo bat removal page.
The more you learn about Toledo bat removal the more you'll like us.
Have you heard about toledo bat removal? If you haven't stop by our website at toledobatremoval.comand learn more.

The Team

Chris Witmer

Chris Witmer

Owner and President of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest

I’m 35 and from Fremont, Ohio. I attended Hocking college for my Associate’s degree in wildlife management and received my bachelor’s in Wildlife Science from the University of Rio Grande in 2012. I’ve been in the outdoors my whole life, hunting, fishing, and trapping.

I worked several different jobs growing up. My first job was on a farm, which I still frequent to this day. I worked construction on and off during my working career. Before starting this business, I worked at Fremont City Schools for 7 years, which taught me people skills, cleaning, time management, people management, and several other things that help me today. If you want to know more about Toledo Bat Removal and Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, feel free to call me at (419) 552-2001.

Kelly Witmer

Kelly Witmer

Office Manager

Kelly, my wife, is 35 and from Fremont as well. She attended Bowling Green State University and majored in psychology. She loves to hunt, fish, and cook. She’s the voice you hear when you call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest, and she can tell you everything you need to know about Toledo Bat Removal.  When she’s not answering calls for the business, she’s usually working on her crafts. She makes custom wreaths and other items for people. She has her own side business called Distinctive Merriments.

Blake Smith

Blake Smith

Wildlife Technician

Blake Smith is 25, and he’s from Clyde, Ohio. He is a graduate of Hocking with a Wildlife Management degree. He loves to hunt and fish but is also an avid go-cart racer. Blake is my right-hand man, and he will hopefully be running the crew in a few years. Rest assured, if you want insights about Toledo Bat Removal services Blake is your man.

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