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We Carefully And Compassionately Remove Bats From Your Home-And Keep Them Outside Where They Belong

A Quick 4 Step Overview Of The Process Of Bat Removal Exclusion

Fixing gaps in wood is an important Bat Removal And Exclusion process.

STEP 1 Of Bat Removal Exclusion

We Ascertain Where Bats Are Entering And Exiting Your Structures.

You must screen attic vents for proper Bat Removal And Exclusion

STEP 2 Of Bat Removal Exclusion

We Close Off All Bat Entry And Exit Places But A Few Highly Trafficked Openings.

Bat valves let bats out when doing Bat Removal And Exclusion

STEP 3 Of Bat Removal Exclusion

We Place One-Way Bat Valves Over The Open Entry And Exit Points Up To A Week.

Bat valves let bats out when doing Bat Removal And Exclusion

STEP 4 Of Bat Removal Exclusion

Once The Bats Exit In 3 To 7 Days, We Remove The Valves And Seal the Openings.

More Insights Into Bat Removal Exclusion

Bats Can Enter Building Through The Smallest Of Cracaks

STEP 1 – So, How Are The Bats Getting Into My Buildings?

The most frequently seen Toledo and northwest Ohio bats, Little Brown and Big Browns, are amazingly agile and find their way into the smallest of gaps and crevices. Every unnoticed crack or hole can be an attractive bat entrance into your buildings. As a result, you may never realize bats gained access to your home or business.

Our bat experts need to determine precisely how bats got into your buildings in the first step of the bat removal process. Bats can use a mix of openings like vents, chimneys, ducts, windows, roofing, walls, siding, fascia boards, or other easy-to-access areas.

Locating every potential is an absolute must to remove bats permanently and perform a successful bat removal exclusion job. Once we determine how the bats are getting inside, we begin the second step of the bat removal exclusion process, the Gap Sealing Process.

Covering holes in your roof is necessary for Bat Removal And Exclusion

Close Off All Of The Bats Entrances & Exits But An Active Few

STEP 2 – The Gap Sealing Process

Fortunately for you, our experienced bat removal exclusion experts can find out where bats enter and exit your home, business, or buildings. Once we know these openings, we can put together the appropriate plan to remove them from the buildings safely. This part of the bat removal exclusion job includes repairing all entry points but one or two and using those entry and exit points to remove the bats with a one-way bat valve.

To ensure the bats can never get back into all the former entry and exit points, we repair every hole with rigid, long-lasting material sized and shaped to the specific openings producing an aesthetically pleasing look.

It’s important to note that the smallest gap sealing mistake could impair the entire bat eviction procedure, and you could find yourself once again facing additional bat activity. Therefore, our bat removal exclusion team meticulously performs this next to last bat removal exclusion task before we begin our final step of placing the one-way bat valves.

Flashing is used for Bat Removal And Exclusion
Installing The One Way Bat Valves

STEP 3 – Bat Valves Let Bats Out But Not Back In

The last step of the bat removal exclusion process entails attaching a one-way bat valve to the one or two remaining openings that would allow us to most rapidly remove the bats from your buildings. A one-way bat valve allows all of the bats residing in your home, attic, business, or building to exit humanely without any chance of them returning due to the design of the one-way bat valve.

The humane removal of bats demands we follow every procedure that ensures this result. Therefore, we never use potentially harmful methods like trapping, poisoning, or brute force extraction. Once all the bats are out of your building whether residential or commercial, we can remove the bat valves and properly seal, as explained in the previous step, these last openings to complete the bat removal exclusion process.

Once the job is finished, Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW offers a full bat-proofing service protecting your home against future bat infestations. So if you are facing bat problems and you want the best company in the bat business, call us today at (419) 552-2001 to get your bat removal exclusion process started!

Bat Valves are used for Bat Removal And Exclusion

So Now That You’ve Had The Best Toledo Bat Exclusion Removal Service In The Business You May Still Need Our Attic Cleanup And Sanitation Pros To Clean Up The Guano And Urine Soaked Wood And Insulation And Create A Healthy Environment Once Again.

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