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Toledo Bat Removal Provided By Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Division

Toledo Bat Removal

Bat Removal And Bat Exclusion are challenging but crucial processes whose objective is to rebuild your home’s security and health. When you want the best in the bat business to remove and exclude bats, you want Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toledo Bat Removal division led by the on the ground president Chris Whitmer.

“I promise my company will exceed all health recommendations during the pandemic. Plus, we can perform most tasks outside of your living environment. I take pride in all the services that I provide, and customer satisfaction is #1.”

The Best To You And Yours,

Chris Witmer, Owner Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest

With Toledo Bat Removal Our Word Is Our Bond – We Do What We Say 100% Of The Time

Fair and Honest Fees

We are a plain-speaking professional company that clarifies what we do and how we price any job. Customer service is #1, along with taking pride in a job well done and service second to none!

Completely Licensed and Insured

Our Toledo Bat Removal division maintains all Ohio nuisance wildlife and pest control operator licenses and necessary insurances.

We Listen and Clarify

We provide every customer with a clear plan to maintain their safety while effectively solving their nuisance wildlife problem.

All Our Work Done When Expected

Our Toledo Bat Removal team recognizes the value of proficiency. We’ll eliminate pest animals promptly, giving back your home to you and your loved ones.

Excellent Results Guaranteed!

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions pledges never to leave a job until you and we are fully satisfied.

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We Tackle Any Bat Job Big Or Small With The Same Dedication

You’ve Arrived At The Best Bat Exclusion, Bat Proofing, Cleanup, and Sanitation Company In Toldeo, Ohio

Toledo Bat Removal is an eco-friendly, humane bat removal and exclusion company on every job we do. If a bat or bat colony infests your home, attic, or business, we carefully remove them using a bat eviction device called one-way bat valves. These valves are a one-way door device designed to remove bats from buildings, but the bats cannot return.

It’s possible we may have to install more than one bat valve on several places of your buildings. Once assured that all bats have exited in 3 to 7 days, we remove the one-way bat valves and repair the bat valve opening(s), so bats never get back in.

Keep in mind once we remove the bats, your buildings could contain a severe unhealthy mess in the form of bat guano and urine. As a full-service company, we also remove bat feces and soiled insulation, replace insulation, and sanitize all contaminated surfaces.

Bats Can Enter Small Wall Gaps As In the Situation Below Leaving Horrible Piles Of Guano To Clean And Cost You Thousands

Toledo Bat Removal crews had to clean up this bat guano from an Ohio attic.

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW and our Toledo Bat Removal team use equipment uniquely designed for bat removal and have top-notch professionals talent who can solve even the most challenging bat removal problems. We pledge that your home is like our home, and we will find and remove all bat infestations while following all federal, state, and local laws. Toldeo Bat Removal hires professional state-licensed and highly experienced bat experts, so you get the best and the brightest in the business.

Any job that we do provides enduring solutions that stop bats from getting back into your home or business. And when you need that extra cleanup like feces removal, soiled insulation removal, and sanitization of any contaminated areas, we can make you 100% safe and healthy again.

An Insight Into The Services Of Toledo Bat Removal

““There Are No Mysteries To The Accomplishments Of Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest Toledo Bat Removal Division. Our Training, On The Ground Experience, Planning, Dedicated Work Ethic, And Appreciation Of The Science Behind Wildlife And Pest Control Keep Us Steps Ahead Of Our Competition.””

Bat removal and bat exclusion in Toledo Ohio. Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toledo Bat Removal Team for all things bats.

Removing And Excluding Bats From Homes, Buildings and Businesses

Bats are vital to the health of Ohio’s ecosystem. Each Ohio bats eat thousands of insects and other arthropods during their nightly dining. In addition, our bats pollinate and disperse the seeds of hundreds of species of plants. But once in your buildings, bats need removal before they take over in large numbers. We are your go-to bat removal company to call at (419) 552-2001.

Attic Cleanup and Attic Sanitation  in Toledo Ohio.  Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toledo Bat Removal  Team for attic restoration.

Cleaning And Sanitizing Homes, Buildings and Businesses

When bats enter a home, building, or business, they can contaminate those spaces with their feces(guano) and urine. But, don’t worry, Toledo Bat Removal can make your home safe and healthy! Our professionally trained technicians provide extensive cleaning services, including feces removal, contaminated insulation removal, and attic sanitation, and air purification.

Bat proofing structures in Toledo Ohio.  Hire Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toledo Bat Removal Team for chimney coverings.

Bat Proofing Homes, Buildings and Businesses

Bats can enter through gaps as small as a quarter of an inch. Any crack, crevice, or hole in a building is a potential entryway. Bats enter buildings through windows, fascia, vents, chimneys, ridgelines, and brickwork. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest provides unique bat-proofing solutions for any bat issues because we are always one step ahead of our competition.

Humane Bat Removal 100% Of The Time 

Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest delivers humane bat exclusion using proven science-based and on the ground tested products and methods that effectively handle the following:
  • Homes And Related Structures
  • Small Business Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Health Care Buildings
Regardless of the location, situation, or difficulty, the Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toledo Bat Removal division has the know-how to carry out your nuisance bat situation. Our company provides professional bat exclusion and bat contamination cleanup services with extended warranties and a 100% guarantee that we have done what we said we would do.

We Never Exterminate Bats

The Two Most Problematic Bats In Ohio: The Little Brown and Big Brown Bat

Over 1,200 distinct bat species presently live on our planet, and Earth’s only flying mammal have been around for up to 50,000,000 years. In Ohio today, bat experts claim there have been up to fourteen bat species found in our state, and all of Ohio’s bats only eat insects.

There are no blood-sucking bats in Ohio, and fortunately, bats avoid human beings. If you meet a bat flying near you, more than likely, it’s going after insects. But bats do bite in extraordinary cases. Bats can carry rabies, and of rabies acquired in the United States, 70% resulted from bat exposures.

Bats also carry a hazardous disease known as Histoplasmosis, which spreads through bat droppings called. If you have found bats living within your living quarters, we suggest you contact the Toledo Bat Removal pros at Buckeye Wildlife Solutions at (419) 552-2001 who can quickly and safely address your bat problems.

Little brown bat. Thanks to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Toledo Bat Removal Is The Little Brown Bat Expert.

Bat Removal Toledo Ohio removes big brown bats from your home and attic. Thanks to USFWSmidwest, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

Toledo Bat Removal Is The Big Brown Bat Pro.

Often Asked Questions

We have supplied you with some of the common questions asked regarding our bat services. Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW Toldeo Bat Removal expertly handles bat removal, bat exclusion, guano cleanup, contaminated material removal, sanitizing – disinfecting, and insulation replacement.
How did bats get into my home?

Ohio bats, for the most part, are quite small and can squeeze through an opening 1″ x 5/8″. Bats love roosting in attics and walls roost sites and often these areas where the house meets the roof or chimney. If a bat entry has been used for a while, staining occurs in that area. You can also find entrances by observing the comings and goings of bats from your home.

Can Bats Carry Diseases?

When a bat colony resides in your home, it is only a matter of time before one or many of the bats finds their way into your living space. This poses a risk because bats can carry rabies. Hence the reason only trained professionals should deal with your bat issues.

“If you are bitten by a bat — or if infectious material (such as saliva or brain material if it is killed) from a bat gets into your eyes, nose, mouth, or a wound — wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water and get medical advice immediately.” CDC

How long does it take to remove bats from my home?

Once we have accessed your bat problems, placed all the needed one-way valves, and closed up any other gaps that are not used for the one-way valves, it generally takes no more than 5 days. But, if it is winter and bats are hibernating removals may take longer.

Are their health risks associated with bats that have been removed from my home?

We only use safe bat exclusion process strategies that don’t include any chemicals. You do not need to leave your home during the bat removal process. You and your loved one are completely safe.

Once bats are removed and all entrances sealed are there other possible issues that need to be addressed?

Generally, bats live in colonies and make a mess in their living quarters, leaving piles of guano and urine that contaminate the area, including insulation materials. All contaminated materials need to be removed and the area sanitized to prevent disease, bacteria, viruses, and odors from entering your living quarters.

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