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We Make Sure Bats Don’t Become Your Uninvited House Guests

Bat Proofing Buildings – We Keep Bats Out Of Homes and Commercial Buildings

We Do So Much More Than Bat Proofing Buildings: Guano Removal, Contaminated Materials Removal, Sanitizing & Deodorizing Treatments, and Full House Insulation Replacement

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Before It’s Too Late Let Us Prevent A Bat Invasion In Your Toledo Home Or Business

What Does Bat Proofing Buildings Entail?

Bat Proofing Buildings demands using high-quality structures that protect areas that are vulnerable to bat infestations. Toledo Bat Removal uniquely designs each system to suit your particular requirements so that any areas of your building can stay protected from bats and other wildlife unwanted invaders.

Our Buckeye NW wildlife experts locate every possible entry point in your building’s structure when bat-proofing buildings. Next, our experts in bat proofing buildings will make individual structures for each exposed area of your building. Toledo Bat Removal uses the best quality components available that handle jobs of all sizes!

When properly bat proofing buildings, were concerned with more than effectiveness. When bat proofing buildings, we’ll make sure the structure designs we use aesthetically blend into the look of your home. The structures we use to protect your buildings from bats are sturdy, enduring, and constructed to blend in with all types of buildings. When we’re bat proofing buildings, you’ll be pleased with our simple, streamlined bat-protecting structures that complement their surroundings.

Be proactive and call Buckeye Wildlife Solutions NW at (419) 552-2001 and start bat proofing buildings on your property before a bat infestation causes you thousands of dollars in damage!

Supplies Buckeye NW Uses When Bat Proofing Buildings

Bat Proofing Structures by caulking gaps that allow bats in

Using Strategically Placed Caulk For Bat Proofing Buildings

More often than not, bats will enter your buildings through the smallest of openings in your structure’s roofing, where structures meet, and numerous other situations. Our Toledo Bat Removal technicians use the highest-quality, all-weather caulk built to withstand the most severe weather that Ohio experiences.

Bat Proofing Structures with chimney covers

Perfectly Designed Vent And Chimney Caps For Bat Proofing Buildings

Chimneys and vents welcome bats into your home or commercial buildings since they provide all the roosting conditions bats need. We install bat-proof vents or chimney caps made from highly durable materials built to last to prevent bats from entering these areas 100% guaranteed!

Bat Proofing Structures by placing flashing over gaps

Our Pros Use High Quality Flashing For Bat Proofing Buildings

A thin layer of quality flashing not only keeps water from getting into places it doesn’t belong, but we also use flashing for covering gaps used by bats for entering your buildings. Flashing can be a permanent solution when bat proofing buildings.
Bat Proofing Structures by placing screening over attic vents

We Use Thick Stainless Steel Screening For Bat Proofing Buildings

When it comes to your attic, gable, and roof vents, having undamaged, professionally installed, durable screening is an essential step in bat proofing buildings and keeping nuisance bats out. Bats cannot get through the small screen opening, but air will still be able to flow in and out of your building safely.

You Can Be 100% Assured When Buckeye Wildlife Solutions Northwest’s Toledo Bat Removal Division Installs Screening Over A Gable Vent The Job Will Be Done Properly And This Situation Seen In The Video Below Will Never Occur! When We Are Bat Proofing Buildings We Do It Right The First Time!

Below is a video of roosting bats that got inside an attic and are hanging on the screening over the gable vent.

Here is a still photo from inside the attic of the roosting bats hanging on the screening over the gable vent.

Be Proactive In Bat Proofing Structures

Steps Our Toledo Bat Removal Crew Take In Bat Proofing Buildings

Bat Proofing Structures with wire mesh

We Always Discover Every Bat Entrance

Before our bat experts can remove bats from a home or any building, their initial task is to figure out how the bats entered and discover any other weaknesses in the structure. Once located, we’ll prepare to seal any openings cover vents, chimneys, ducts, and access points between walls and roofs.

Bat Proofing Structures by covering soffits

We Seal All Bat Entrances Into Your Buildings

To get the bats out of your buildings, we have to close off all but one of the bats’ entry points. We will place a one-way bat valve over this entry/exit point, allowing bats out but not back into the building. All bats usually exit the building within 3 to 7 days.
Bat Proofing Buildings by using bat houses

Consider Buying Or Building A Bat House

Purchasing a bat house like the BIG BAT BOX is an excellent way to keep bats away from your home, business, and other buildings. A properly built bat house increases the probability of keeping bats out of your home, attic or commercial building, plus you are doing a wonderful service for bats.

Do You Want These Bat Catastrophe In Your Home’s Attic? Our Guess Is No!

You Must Bat Proof Your Home Or Business!  Get Our Toledo Bat Removal Pros In Your Buildings Now!

Bat Proofing Buildings prevents Bat Guano Pile in an Attic
Bat Proofing Buildings prevents a messy attic with bat guano
Bat Proofing Structures prevents old moldy piles of bat guano in an attic
Bat Proofing Structures prevents a bat colony inside an attic
Bat Proofing Structures prevents having to get attic decontamination services
Bat Proofing Structures prevents layers of bat guano in an attic.

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